Finally, a flashcard app for developers, made by a developer.

If you want to master all the keyboard shortcuts in your IDE, know each and every command in your CLI and have a your fingertips syntax so you don't waste your time searching online, LearnShortcuts is the Saas you need.

Pick Cards from Cheatsheets like VS Code, Heroku, and Basic CSS Selectors, and LearnShortcuts will deal you six Cards at a time, focusing on the Cards you don't know.

Reviewing and grading each Card as something you know, somewhat know or don't know will help gently but deeply push that knowledge into your longterm memory.

LearnShortcuts takes the pain out of learning what you need as a working developer. By cuing up mostly the cards you don't know for your review, handles the messy work of planning out what you should review next so you learn more.

Cheatsheets Available (8)

Heroku CLI Commands VS Code Shortcut Commands 1 Basic Bash Commands 1 Atom Shortcuts and Tricks 1 Indispensable Slack Commands Gmail Basic Shortcuts Basic CSS Selectors Part 1 Basic CSS Selectors Part 2

Cheatsheets in Progress (6)

Git Slack Shortcuts, Part 1 CSS Part 3 Rails 6 syntax CSS Flexbox React 16 syntax Suggest a Set!