Introductory Pricing:

Month to Month
$ 9.95 /month
(Pay as you go)
Unlimited sets and sessions
Billed Monthly: $9.95
By the Quarter
$ 7.96 /month
20% Discount%
Unlimited sets and sessions
Billed Quarterly: $23.88
$ 6.47 /month
35% Discount
Unlimited sets and sessions
Billed Yearly: $77.61

Frequent questions

Have questions? Find answers in our FAQ.

1. How do I get started?

First, Sign up for a LearnShortcuts Account. Then come to this page and pick a Subscription before your 7-day free trial ends.

3. Where can I get training?

LearnShortcuts is designed not to need training; if you have questions please email me at

5. How will I know if a new Set has been added?

In Sets, at the bottom, you can vote for which Sets should be added. I'll let you know when the Sets you selected have been added to LearnShortcuts.

2. How can I add people to my team?

Presently, LearnShortcuts is for individuals. In a future version you'll be able to compare your metrics with other developers you invite to share metrics with.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

We have a no-questions asked Refund Policy of your last Subscription payment. Select Profile from the Main Menu and hit Cancel.