Microsoft has finally done something right. They’ve created a IDE for all developers, not just developers in the Microsoft universe. It’s fast, extremely feature-rich, and constantly being improved. And it’s free.

[Visual Studio Code][vs-code-link] has taken the developer community by storm. And today, I’m happy to announce the first of many LearnShortcuts Sets, “VS Code Power Shortcuts” I’ve been using VS Code for about a year, and unlike other IDEs, I’ve never felt that the application was getting in the way of my code development.

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I’ve added the first of several VS Code sets to LearnShortcuts today. If you are using VS Code, and you don’t know these 16 keyboard shortcuts, add “VS Code Power Shortcuts” to your Cards today.

Just moving these particular shortcuts into your longterm memory so that they’re instantly available to you will make you a faster, better, more employable developer.

Go to Sets and add ‘VS Code Shortcuts and Tricks’ to your Cards today.