I decided to write LearnShortcuts because I could not find an easy-to-use app that would help me, a working full-stack developer, memorize all the information I wanted to have at my fingertips.

Okay, so you wanted more than a one line answer. Here goes:

Somewhere along the way the habit of using Google to complete whatever chunk of coding I was doing - in Rails, in React, in Vue, in JavaScript, in CSS - took hold in my mind. Not sure how to specify a layout for a view in Rails? Google it. How do I define the CSS for the 1st child of a given div? Google it. And on and on.

I’d watch other developers at work, creating code as fast as they could type. They knew every CSS selector, React syntax, Rails command. They turned to Google only when something unexpected happened, not over and over.

They knew the commands. They knew the keyboardshortcuts in the editor they where using so things flew around on their screen, using the full power of the editor and the full knowledge of their craft.

I’m a self-taught developer - I was a Politics major back at college! If there was some secret Computer Science class where all this stuff was supposed to be poured into my brain, I missed that class.

So I wanted an app that made it easy to learn and memorize the technologies, languages, frameworks, libraries I worked with every day. One that taught me what developers used today to get the job done, whether its React16, Vue, SASS, or whatever is the new hotness.

I wanted an app that measured my stupidity. On such and such a day, I could self test on say Git, and see I actually knew without Google’s help 10 of the 25 fundamental Git commands. And then I could work on Git, a few moments here, there, in meetings, wherever. And then take the same test and see I was a little less stupid, at least as far as Git fundamentals.

I figured that if I could write an app that helped me become less stupid week by week, before long, I could measure actual real progress in my developer skills, knowledge and ‘muscle memory’ of keyboard shortcuts.

Well, I didn’t find the program I wanted to, so I wrote LearnShortcuts, and committed to making it awesome. Hope you like it!